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Jan 4, 2011

Wedding Bouquet Craft

A great way to make a statement on the wedding and complement the uniqueness of your bridal looks is to carry a craft wedding bouquet. Brides of today seem to be very impressed with these types of alternative wedding bouquets from various reasons.

One of the most notable one is the originality and authenticity of a craft wedding bouquet. Usually composed of different decorative items and elements, a non-flower alternative wedding bouquet can add more glamour, style, elegance and unconventionality to a brides’ look. The modern wedding bouquet of our days is now more than a flowered arrangement that has the purpose of beautifying the bride and make her look more natural, colorful and elegant. Nowadays, the wedding bouquet is carried like a fancy jewelry or accessory.

Most brides of today are choosing to decorate their wedding bouquets and other flower arrangements with all kinds of jewels and decorative items that can add more extravagance, brilliance, vibe and refinement to their final appearance. There are lost of craft bridal stores that can provide you with a myriad of jewels, accessories, decorations and embellishments for the wedding bouquets.
If you want to have a more outstanding appearance, you can choose a beaded or a jeweled craft wedding bouquet made from sparkles, buckets, brooches, wires, diamonds, sequins, beads, crystals, swags, pearls, precious gems, organza ribbons, rhinestones, polished stones or beaded monograms. The amount of jewelries and sparkles is very important in the final aspect of the bridal bouquet.
That is why it’s important to use the gold powders or the jewels in small dozes, just to captivate the eyes and not draw them away from a very strident, pompous and grating. Keep the looks of a craft wedding bouquet soft to the eye, charming, inviting and artistic.

If you don’t have enough money to buy a buckle craft wedding bouquet made from crystal or diamonds, you can buy craft precious stones, gems, pearls or beads at lower prices. The dazzling look of the bouquet will surely make you more attractive, sensual, dainty, stylish and strikingly charming.
If the wedding is held on a beach, you can compose a craft wedding bouquet from seashells, corals and starfishes. You can buy craft seashells in different shades, just to match with your wedding’s theme, color scheme and formality. Tie the seashell wedding bouquet with nautical ropes, strings, bows, brooches or ribbons, just to add more glamorous, unity and smoothness.

A craft wedding bouquet can be also composed of artificial flowers. If you’re planning a more unconventional wedding, retro, funky or vintage inspired, you could choose a craft wedding bouquet made from paper flowers, origami flowers, ribbons and bows, buttons, feathers or other sparkling symbols such as monograms, butterflies, stars, hearts, anchors, dragonflies or even zodiac signs.

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